Is Now E Tech Group

As of January 2024, E-Volve Systems is now E Tech Group.

E-Volve Systems was acquired by E Tech Group in February 2023, a leading provider of industrial automation, controls engineering, and computer systems validation to clients in the life sciences, food and beverage, and consumer products industries. Since joining E Tech Group, their work has continued with a further reach extending nationwide across 25 locations, providing access to over 600 professionals with proficiencies across numerous verticals and industries.  

Evo On Tap Clients have now become part of E Tech Group’s service and support team. Click the button below to reach out for service.

We go beyond the implementation

When partnering with E Tech Group, machine builders can expect end-to-end support for projects and processes. We design and implement drive systems, mechanical solutions, panels, control systems, and more. Our engineers then provide on-the-ground and virtual support to ensure ongoing functionality.