Ensuring the health of your automation IT/OT systems

Invest in Prevention and Eliminate Downtime

Our Evo-CheckUp product delivers preventative maintenance on scheduled intervals to ensure your automation and IT/OT systems are always healthy, limiting production outages.

Real-Time Monitoring

Manufacturers often learn of problems in their automation environment when it is too late. Evo-Checkup monitors your automation network in real-time. Instant notifications are generated if something on your automation network becomes problematic and requires investigation. This proactive alerting system can help identify problems before impacting production.

Disaster Recovery for Manufacturers

Ransomware, natural disasters, or equipment failure can bring a manufacturer to an unexpected halt. Without adequate disaster recovery in place, restoring the automation equipment to it’s configured state can take weeks or months.

Evo-Checkup routinely backs up your automation environment so manufacturers can be back up and running in hours or days instead of weeks or months. We help our clients through the disaster recovery planning and implementation process and provide turnkey disaster recovery services including offsite backups and frequent restore testing.

Already have a disaster recovery system that you manage? We can evaluate it, optimize it, and train your team on usage and best practices.

Automation Audits and Expertise

The EVS team of experts will know your systems inside and out. We ensure that all of your automation components remain reliable by evaluating product life-cycle and support status. Evo-CheckUp includes maintaining an inventory for your automation hardware and software by performing system audits.

Preventative Maintenance System

Preventative Maintenance

Delivering preventative maintenance on scheduled intervals to ensure your automation and IT systems are healthy, limiting production outages.

System Reviews

We review your system on a pre-defined schedule to ensure your system is up to date and there are no known hazards that may result in unexpected production downtime.

Recommended Updates

Recommendations to help remove any known risks that could prove detrimental to your production environment.

IT/OT System Health

Relieve your IT department from the OT side with our manufacturing skillsets. We keep both your automation IT & OT systems healthy.

Regular Audits

We maintain an inventory for your automation hardware and software components. On a regular frequency, EVS will audit your system and check to see if any of your components should be updated or have fallen out of vendor support.

Real-time Monitoring

EVS and/or the client will receive real-time notifications if something on your automation network may be problematic and should be investigated.

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